Learning Lessons in Iceland

There are several reasons why my latest trip didn’t turn out as I expected. Due to a pile of stressors at home, and the need, the necessity, to be kind to myself, I’d hoped for a relaxing trip, a breather. But I think that everything had already gotten the better of me, more than I’d realized….

Fear and Loving while in New Orleans

I hemmed and hawed this morning over whether I should take a swim and lay out before heading over to New Orleans. There are worse problems, right? Well I shut my brain off and did it anyway. The swim was nice, but I can never stay in for too long. It really is that initial…

Breathing, Baking and Baton Rouging

Since December, I’ve been trying to make a few healthier living transitions. Some have worked out better than others, but at least it’s a start. Nana also reminded me that as a kid I’d push myself to work and work before ever going out to play or watch TV or whatever. I still do this….

Bouley via NY Times

Agreed, some of my best meals have been savored at Bouley. Incredible staff (I don’t mind one bit that it is male-dominant.), magical dishes and an overall delicious experience. Bravo, Pete Wells! Bravo Bouley! From my last visit …

Minus the Doom + Gloom

Someone recently texted me the words “doom and gloom,” and I thought, “that’s it, I’m going to write something upbeat. Something that sings rather than moans.” And then David Bowie died at age 69 from cancer. And today Alan Rickman died at age 69 from cancer. And two of my beautiful cousins are battling cancer….

Young Lady, I’m Not Done With You Yet!

“I’ve met so many people of different languages and cultures. You know what? We are all one. Insulated In our smaller worlds, but united by spirit nonetheless. Religions blinds us to our unity. I wish I could have done more to see peace and understanding prevail. But I am weary of running from my darkness….

A Christmas Voyage

War, crazy people, unfathomable political propaganda, apathy, bad drivers, rice and gravy obsessions, hot, rainy weather due to global warming and my current sedentary lifestyle have lead me to this … Preferred method (via large screen): 1. Click “play” button on radio station. 2. Mute sound on video and place in full screen. 3. Click…

Summoning Paris

My birthday was one week ago. I could reveal my age, but since a true lady never does, neither shall I. Insomnia and a couple of glasses of white wine from the previous evening woke me from an intense dream. I have lots of crazy dreams these days, very vivid, with lots of plots and…

Multi-Love -UMO

My latest song/video obsession. Listening to this is like walking into a super sexy party while the one-who-got-away ditches the other girl and wraps his arm around your shoulder. Damn. (Multi-Love by Unknown Mortal Orchestra)

you can take the girl out of louisiana …

… but you can never take the louisiana out of the girl. very much enjoying the cooler temps, which oddly enough send me dreaming of another place, maybe north, maybe east. a city where the fashionable wear boots and scarves and hats. where folks mill about alfresco, running from office to cab to shop to…